Washroom Deep Cleaning

Washroom Deep Cleaning

Despite daily cleans, mould and grime can easily build up on tiles and in hard to reach areas of our commercial washrooms.  To keep your business washroom hygienic and looking fresh, it’s recommended that they are regularly deep cleaned.

Our professional washroom deep cleaning team use specialist equipment and chemicals to remove built up organic minerals and matter that harbour germs and stain your facilities. We will sanitise all surfaces within the washroom. This includes cleaning the insides of the urinal, toilet, and sink pipe work, to reduce the chance of system blockages.

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Clean washroom

Our washroom deep clean will:

  • prolongs the life of your washroom facilities
  • aid drainage and help spot any problems
  • remove ingrained stains and help to eliminate malodour
  • reduces infection risks by thoroughly cleaning all areas
  • help to create a hygienic and pleasant environment

Other Interior Cleaning Services

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A service you can trust

A service you can trust

From one off deep cleans to a regular preventative maintenance programme, we will work with you to understand the needs of your business. Offering a service that best suits your requirements

Our technicians operate across the whole of the UK and will provide all required services at a time to suit you. We guarantee that work carried out will be fully compliant with health and safety regulations.

Our deep cleaning service will leave you with washrooms that people are happy to use and come back to

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phs have supplied Pennyhill Park with a number of floor cleaning services. With each job I’ve been delighted with the work, as the floors have looked brand new. I give them my full recommendation!

phs provided their services across an estate of over 200 sites. They not only achieved a high standard of appearance on our carpets, but also saved us considerable sums of money and environmental impact by ensuring our carpets reach their full lifecycle.

After the main restoration of St.Pancras International Station, the terrazzo concourse flooring required treating. As the station was operational, only a small five hour working window was available. phs met these requirements using a method which not only delivered an excellent finish, but ensured the floor was sealed and available for use within the required work window.