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Commercial Cleaning Vs. Residential Cleaning: Key Differences

05th Jun 2023
Written by: phs Interclean

When it comes to cleaning, there are key differences between commercial and residential environments. Understanding the differences between them can help you make the best decision for your needs and, crucially, ensure the best service in terms of hygiene, safety and maintaining an environment that meets regulations. 

Whether you’re looking for a one-time clean or ongoing maintenance for a business or residence, understanding the key differences between residential and commercial cleaning services can save you time and money in the long term. With experienced professionals able to provide personalised attention as well as specialised tools and techniques – while adhering to strict safety protocols – choosing the right service provider is essential. 

Commercial vs residential cleaning 

Commercial cleaning requires a more thorough approach than residential. With commercial cleaning in place for businesses in sectors from waste treatment to healthcare and from international shipping to office spaces, commercial cleaning providers frequently specialise in certain industries. This requires the company providing the cleaning service to be aware of and able to work to relevant laws and regulations, own and maintain special equipment and undertake thorough programmes of staff training. 

While regular vacuuming and dusting are important in any environment, commercial spaces often require special attention in some areas, such as entrance matting, floor surfaces, restroom sanitation and more. Additionally, commercial cleaning companies must be aware of safety protocols specific to their work sites – such as proper handling of hazardous waste disposal or chemical spills – so they can keep both their clients and employees safe. 

Residential cleaning is more focused on maintaining the appearance of a home rather than ensuring safety protocols in a high-traffic environment. However, while it’s important to maintain regular dusting and vacuuming, residential spaces do also require special attention to areas such as windows, woodwork, appliances and a variety of different furniture surfaces – for example, commercial carpet and window cleaners have frequent business from residential property owners. 

In most cases, residential cleaning is a service that requires fewer considerations that could have big impacts, while commercial cleaning services must navigate more complex environments. Some of these can include: 

Workplace safety 

Workplace safety should play a key part in decision-making when selecting a professional cleaning service. Commercial cleaners must have an understanding of safety protocols, including hazardous waste disposal, chemical spills and proper use of cleaning products, among others. When interviewing potential commercial cleaners, be sure to ask about their workplace safety practices and procedures and cover the topic of staff training requirements. 

Entrance matting 

Commercial cleaning services come across a huge range of different physical environments, which must be navigated safely – and also, in many cases cleaned. One common example of this is entrance matting. This is especially important in public spaces, such as office buildings and retail stores, where a large number of people come into contact with the same floor surface every day. To enhance workplace safety, entrance mats are designed to trap dust, dirt, moisture and other debris before it can enter the space. Because its job is to ensure a hygienic environment for employees and customers alike, it must be well-cleaned and commercial cleaners must have the relevant know-how. 

Industry specialisation

One key factor when procuring commercial cleaning services is experience, and that’s particularly important when it comes to industry specialisation. Experienced and professional services with extensive knowledge of industry standards will know how to tackle tough tasks while minimising interruption to business and ensuring a safe environment.  

A commercial cleaning company must have the necessary experience to offer quality services to its clients. And many are also able to provide additional services, such as deep steam cleaning for carpets or upholstery – whereas, in residential cleaning, these services are usually procured via a different provider.  

Commercial equipment

There tend to be distinct differences between residential and commercial services’ equipment. Professional commercial cleaners use specialised industrial-grade equipment designed to tackle larger areas efficiently. Residential cleaners typically rely on smaller, lighter and less powerful machines due to the size of the space they are working in.  

Prevention and provision: what do commercial and residential cleaning services have in common? 

The main common factor in the day-to-day service provided by residential and commercial cleaning companies is prevention, which is key to maintaining a clean environment. Both residential and commercial cleaning services should provide regular dusting and vacuuming, as well as spot cleaning of high-traffic areas. This can go a long way to prevent dirt and grime from building up on surfaces, which can potentially have hazardous hygiene implications.  

Both types of service should also provide a detailed assessment of the residential or commercial space before offering services, as well as explain their policies regarding safety and health regulations. 

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