Pressure Washing – Graffiti, Chewing Gum, Pest Fouling

Pressure Washing – Graffiti, Chewing Gum, Pest Fouling

The outside of your business premises should create a good first impression for employees, customers, and the general public. Unfortunately, due to their location, buildings can naturally collect general dirt and grime. They can also become stained by graffiti and bird fouling.

phs Interclean offer a highly efficient pressure washing service that will ensure your building is looking its best. This pressure washing serviced ideal for the removal of graffiti, surface staining, masonry paint, algae and chewing gum. It will remove dirt from most surfaces including brick, stone, concrete, tarmac, paving, tiling and many roof and metal structures.

Our expert team can carry out this type of cleaning at either ground or elevated level. Our technicians are fully PASMA, IPAF and IRATA certified.

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Pressure Washer


Our pressure washing services are suitable for a wide range of surfaces including concrete, tarmac, tiling and metal.

Full building coverage

Our highly trained technicians can deliver commercial pressure washing services from the floor to the roof of your building.


We’ll deliver our pressure washing services in a way that is tailored to the needs of your organisation.

Cost saving

We provide all the specialist equipment needed, saving you the additional costs of equipment hire.

Other Exterior Cleaning Services

High Level deep clean

High Level Deep Cleaning

Regular inspection and cleaning of high level areas like lights, pipes, girders, vents and the ceiling can help improve the lifespan and safety of your building.

Our team of experts have proper knowledge and equipment to ensure an effective and safe cleaning in high level areas.

Window cleaning

Window Cleaning

A dirty window is going to turn off potential customers and It will degrade faster. With the right tools and knowledge, our team of experts can easily clean your windows from low level to high level areas.

Exterior Site Cleaning

Exterior Site Cleaning

Maintaining a clean and welcoming exterior is vital for any business that wants to create a welcoming first impression.

Flock of pigeons

Pigeon Proofing

Workplace buildings are the perfect environment for pigeons to thrive, where their presence can have a detrimental effect on general building maintenance.

Pressure Washer

Pressure Washing

Sometimes dirt and grime buildup can be hard to remove on the sidewalk because of irregular cleaning. Pressure washing uses a high powered motor that can eliminate dirt, stains and grime.

We Are Trusted

We Are Trusted

We’ve been making buildings look better for decades.

Suitable for all brick, concrete and metal structures, our commercial pressure washing services cut through grime and stains, and we can respond quickly to blot out any offensive graffiti.

It’s not just the ground level we look after. Our pressure washing technicians are trained to work at height, meaning we can improve the look of your building right from the bottom to the top.

At phs, our pressure washing services will help you present a polished image to your customers, visitors and staff.

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phs have supplied Pennyhill Park with a number of floor cleaning services. With each job I’ve been delighted with the work, as the floors have looked brand new. I give them my full recommendation!

phs provided their services across an estate of over 200 sites. They not only achieved a high standard of appearance on our carpets, but also saved us considerable sums of money and environmental impact by ensuring our carpets reach their full lifecycle.

After the main restoration of St.Pancras International Station, the terrazzo concourse flooring required treating. As the station was operational, only a small five hour working window was available. phs met these requirements using a method which not only delivered an excellent finish, but ensured the floor was sealed and available for use within the required work window.