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Case Study: COVID-19 emergency deep cleaning

21st Apr 2021
Written by: phs Interclean


Apleona is a leading facilities management company that works with a number of clients across the UK. When a case of COVID-19 is identified in one of the buildings Apleona manage, it’s vital that a deep clean is undertaken as soon as possible to ensure the safety of their clients and to avoid excessive business disruption.


Apleona chose to work with phs Interclean as a supply chain partner due to the speed of reaction they are able to deliver. As soon as a case of COVID-19 has been identified, Apleona can speak to their account manager to book an emergency deep clean for their client’s business. Once the deep clean has been commissioned, Apleona can expect the building to be cleaned within 24 hours. phs Interclean’s cleaning technicians use bespoke products and cleaning procedures to ensure Apleona’s premises are sanitised and decontaminated to the highest standard. As well as floors and surfaces, fabrics and hard to each areas are also cleaned.


There have been several occasions where Apleona have required a COVID-19 deep clean and sanitisation on a client site as a matter of urgency. By liaising directly with their Account Manager, Darrin Ward, requirements have been quickly interpreted and quotes have been provided within an hour of the initial phone call. This has resulted in all deep cleans being completed within 24 hours of the initial enquiry, ensuring that Apleona’s clients are faced with minimal downtime and can reopen the next working day.

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  • The speed of reaction has ensured a minimal amount of downtime for the customers business.
  • All cleans have been completed to a high-standard, utilising the latest hygiene technology and complying with health & safety legislation.
  • A dedicated account manager has made the process of booking deep cleans an easy and straightforward procedure.
  • phs Interclean has a team of highly qualified technicians working across the whole of the UK, ensuring nationwide service.


"On every occasion, once our deep clean requirement has been confirmed, phs Interclean have been able to schedule work to be completed on-site the next working day; even when initial requests have been made in the late afternoon. This has assisted with supporting our clients and has ensured their businesses, and areas of business, can be re-opened upon completion. At Apleona, we understand and appreciate that this is no easy task in the current climate we all operate in."


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