Exterior Cleaning Services

Maintaining a well-presented, clean and hygienic environment is vital to your business. High quality and regular exterior building cleaning creates a competent and welcoming impression for your consumers.

Our team offers the best exterior building cleaning services with a wide range of solutions that can adapt to clean your premises efficiently and effectively. We can complete full building exterior cleaning on buildings of any size, from low to high-level and our uniquely trained teams and exterior building cleaning equipment are all fully compliant with all requirements and industry standards.

We are the UK's leading supplier of building cleaning services, including high rise building exterior cleaning and more. 

See options below for specific types of building cleaning for exteriors and contact us for a personalised quote!

blind cleaning

Window Blind Deep Cleans

The cleaning of blinds in the workplace is often overlooked, despite the fact they collect a huge amount of dust and germs.

Our window cleaning specialists maintain clean windows at some of the biggest organizations in the UK.

High Level deep clean

High Level Deep Cleaning

Regular inspection and cleaning of high level areas like lights, pipes, girders, vents and the ceiling can help improve the lifespan and safety of your building.

Our team of experts have proper knowledge and equipment to ensure an effective and safe cleaning in high level areas.

Window cleaning

Window Cleaning

A dirty window is going to turn off potential customers and It will degrade faster. With the right tools and knowledge, our team of experts can easily clean your windows from low level to high level areas.

Exterior Site Cleaning

Site Cleaning

Maintaining cleanliness at the exterior of your building not only creates a healthier environment for employees but also tends to invite more consumers. 

Our exterior site cleaning services can be tailored to meet the needs of your business, ensuring the exterior of your building, and its surrounding areas, are hygienic and presentable. We have the skills and the equipment to clean everything effective and efficient, from your pathways, to your gutters.

Flock of pigeons

Pigeon Proofing

Workplace buildings are the perfect environment for pigeons to thrive, where their presence can have a detrimental effect on general building maintenance. phs Interclean provides both proactive and reactive pigeon proofing services.

Pressure Washer

Pressure Washing

Sometimes dirt and grime buildup can be hard to remove on the sidewalk because of irregular cleaning. Pressure washing uses a high powered motor that eliminates dirt, stains and grime.

Other Services

Person cleaning floor

Floor Cleaning (All Floor Types)

Regular deep cleaning of the floor in your premises will enhance the look and feel of the area while extending the lifespan of your flooring.

Poorly maintained floors create a bad first impression, and for customer-facing businesses, they could even deter people from using your products or services. Leading businesses invest in good flooring to create a safe and welcoming environment.

Man mopping the floor

Interior Cleaning

Maintaining a hygienic atmosphere inside your business has a big impact on the health and productivity of your employees and consumers. 

Our team of expert technicians uses the latest hygiene technology covering all areas such as office equipment, upholstery, washroom, bathroom, and kitchen cleaning providing end-to-end, thorough commercial cleaning services in the UK

Man wearing a mask and protective gear cleaning down a kitchen

Specialist Cleaning

We understand that unique cleaning situations require a special kind of help.

phs has dedicated experts providing special care to any cleaning requirement you may have from COVID-19 deep cleaning, clinical decontamination to construction site cleaning.

We ensure to continuously evolve our services to cover all your current & future commercial cleaning needs.

Expert Service

Our team of experts are regularly trained to new methods and safety protocols.Ensuring an effective and efficient cleaning

Ensuring a thorough clean and sparkling finish that will reduce the spread of germs and improve the appearance of your premises.

Cost-saving - All of our commercial cleaning services include the specialist equipment needed. There are no extra costs for separate rental.

Compliance - Our services are fully compliant with health and safety regulations. Every phs technician is highly trained and certified.

Flexible services - To limit any disruption to your organisation, we will undertake cleaning at time that best suit you.