Cleaning Services

phs Interclean are a leading provider of specialist cleaning services.  Backed by experienced technicians and nationwide coverage, they can accommodate any type or size of clean. With 24/7 availability, cleans can be provided at a time or date that suits your business.

Floor Cleaning

Regular deep cleaning of the floor in your premises will enhance the look and feel of the area while extending the lifespan of your flooring.

Poorly maintained floors create a bad first impression, and for customer facing businesses they could even deter people from using your products or services. Most businesses invest in good flooring to create a safe and welcoming environment. By neglecting your floor, this investment will be lost in an instant.

Person cleaning floor
Two men in a harness cleaning the outside of a building

Exterior Cleaning

Maintaining a well-presented, clean, and hygienic environment at all times can be challenging.
Our exterior cleaning services provide a wide range of solutions that can be tailored to your premises.

We can clean everything from high level windows to chewing gum on entrance paths, and pride ourselves on being able to clean even the most hard to reach areas.

Interior Cleaning

phs offer a wide selection of specialist deep cleaning solutions for the inside of buildings. From kitchens to IT equipment, we can ensure your working environment is as clean and hygienic as possible.

Our team of expert technicians use the latest hygiene technology to guarantee work is completed to the highest standard and is compliant with all health and safety legislation.

Man mopping the floor
Man wearing a mask and protective gear cleaning down a kitchen

Specialist Cleaning

We understand that situations can arise which require a level of hygiene cleaning that is above the requirements expected from your daily cleaning staff.

phs offer a wide selection of specialist cleaning solutions from site clearance to blood removal. Our specialist deep cleans ensure your premises are fully cleaned and decontaminated, leaving you with a hygienic and welcoming environment.