Window Blind Deep Cleans

Window Blind Deep Cleans

The cleaning of blinds in the workplace is often overlooked, despite the fact they collect a huge amount of dust and germs.

Window blinds should be regularly deep cleaned to remove harmful bacteria, and to stop the build-up of dust. A deep-clean will also help maintain a crisp colour, which is particularly vital for white blinds.

Clean blinds help maintain a clean and welcoming environment, and will also increase the curb-appeal of your building At phs, we have over 20 years of experience in delivering the UK’s leading professional blind cleaning service.

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Professional service

All our blind cleanings are completed by professionals who will visit a time that best suits you.

Cost saving

Regular cleaning and repair will maintain your blinds well into the future, reducing the cost of replacement.

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blind cleaning

Window Blinds Deep Clean

The cleaning of blinds in the workplace is often overlooked, despite the fact they collect a huge amount of dust and germs.

We Are Trusted

We Are Trusted

There’s more to keeping your window-wear clean than you think.

We’ve been providing vertical blind cleaning services for over 20 years. We know just how much dirt, dust, skin, hair and bacteria can build up on your blinds if they are left unattended.

We’ve developed a cleaning solution to match. Your blinds will not only be cleaned of everything that has quietly clung to them but also dipped in a strong anti-bacterial agent for extra reassurance.

At phs, we’ll clean every intricate and awkward shaped part of your blinds.

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phs have supplied Pennyhill Park with a number of floor cleaning services. With each job I’ve been delighted with the work, as the floors have looked brand new. I give them my full recommendation!

phs provided their services across an estate of over 200 sites. They not only achieved a high standard of appearance on our carpets, but also saved us considerable sums of money and environmental impact by ensuring our carpets reach their full lifecycle.

After the main restoration of St.Pancras International Station, the terrazzo concourse flooring required treating. As the station was operational, only a small five hour working window was available. phs met these requirements using a method which not only delivered an excellent finish, but ensured the floor was sealed and available for use within the required work window.