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Removing Coffee Stains from Carpets (& Other Nasties)

14th Sep 2022
Written by: phs Interclean

Coffee is arguably the lifeblood of many UK industries. Whichever way you take it, there isn’t a simpler and more reliable way to make the work day better. 

Of course, a quick spillage can make the work day a lot worse, too… 

If one of your employees does this, their first thought is likely that it will stain, and if they leave things as they are, they’d be correct. 

If you have staff or a cleaning team available though, quick action can remove all marks before it has a chance to leave a long term stain. 

Just follow these simple steps: 

1: Remove Surface Liquid 

At the very first stage, you want to remove any liquid from the surface quickly so it doesn’t soak in and worsen the stain. 

The most important rule here is do not scrub! As this will essentially just rub the coffee into the carpet or other surface.  

Kitchen towels or other very absorbent items work best for this as they can be used to blot the liquid and soak it up without actually touching or rubbing the surface. 

Also, it’s best to soak away the surface liquid only - if you try to soak up some damp patches further down, you might just be disturbing some liquid that is already soaking into the carpet, making the stain bigger. 

2) Use Appropriate Cleaning Solutions 

The next stage is to treat the stain with the appropriate product or homemade solution. 

If you have an industrial carpet stain remover, now is the time to use it, in accordance with the instructions listed on the product. 

If you don’t have one available, you can make a pretty effective carpet stain remover with simple ingredients: 

  • 500ml of water 
  • 1 tbsp washing up liquid 
  • 1 tbsp white vinegar 

Mix together completely, then move onto the next step… 

3) Attacking the Stain 

Now, add a small amount of your stain remover to a clean cloth and gradually dab it into the stain. 

Keep blotting with a clean towel after each dab to remove any coffee residue that is washed off by the stain remover. 

The acidic vinegar should break down the stain, while the washing up liquid should cut through the oils that are present in coffee. Together, they should separate the coffee from the carpet fibres it has soaked into, visibility removing the stain with each blot. 

There is a chance this will remove the stain entirely if you’re lucky. 

If not, move onto the next stage: 

4) Baking Soda Absorption 

Baking soda is super absorbent, and best at absorbing oils. You should complete this stage regardless of whether you used your own stain remover or an off-the-shelf product.  

Simply sprinkle it thoroughly over the stain, and leave for around an hour until completely dry. 

It should fizz with the vinegar that is already in the carpet fibres, pulling the remaining oils out gently. 

5) Vacuum 

Once the hour is over, it’s time to vacuum up the baking soda, removing the rest of the coffee stain. 

This should remove all of the stain, or at least the vast majority. You can gently dab any remaining dark spots with cold water to remove fully. 

Need Help With This? 

Maintaining an internal cleaning team to handle issues such as this can be expensive and difficult. 

Expecting your staff to carry out such tasks is far from ideal too, as they will be both unhappy about this and less productive. 

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