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External Building Cleaning: A Guide

16th Aug 2022
Written by: phs Interclean

Commercial buildings require regular external cleaning. This may be due to decay of substrates, build up of grime, change in colour and numerous other potential problems.

In fact, much of building deterioration and grime buildup is caused by carbon emissions. This can cause a consistent buildup of soot-like material which can dramatically reduce the aesthetic of buildings, walls, windows, roof surfaces and facades.

This is without going into natural elements that can cause dirt, grime or damage - including snow, rain, and wind (all common factors in the UK). Especially on high buildings, walls and corners can be stained or visibly changed by the constant high winds. Similarly, anywhere where rainwater regularly drains from the building (think windows, roof edges, gutters etc) can cause rain water stains which, if left uncleaned, can turn into ugly green or black moss and cause irreversible wear and tear.

Cleaning the exterior of your building regularly doesn’t just maintain the appearance of your premises - it prevents damage caused by aging, creates a more welcoming environment for employees and visitors alike, and saves you money in the long term. The simple fact is, maintenance is always cheaper than repairs!

Why Hire an Exterior Cleaning Service?

The last section explained why regular exterior cleaning is required. Building owners and occupiers need to regularly clean and maintain exterior walls, windows and facades etc as in the long term, this will reduce the need for more heavy and costly cleaning procedures, as well as physical building repairs. The only question that remains, is whether to manage it yourself or hire a professional exterior cleaning company?

We would only recommend allowing a commercial external building cleaning company to do this for you, for multiple reasons. The first is that a professional cleaning company such as phs Interclean is able to use highly trained team members and industrial products to offer specialised cleaning techniques, high pressure cleaning, to access high level areas and more. These tasks, when carried out by untrained individuals, can cause damage to your building and may even be dangerous to human life. Specialist building exterior cleaning companies are experienced in cleaning all types of buildings and surfaces and will be able to take the correct approach to maximise the life of your facades, keep your building looking fresher for longer, and perhaps most importantly, to prevent damage to the exterior building which can be both expensive to fix and aesthetically ugly.

The first thing an appropriate company will do is check the local site and the related conditions to submit a work plan, before completing a full site inspection. All safety and cleaning equipment will be inspected in detail too. These are all tasks that would have to be carried out internally if a company wasn’t employed, which makes any safety issues entirely the owner’s responsibility.

Choosing a Professional External Building Cleaning Service

It’s crucial to hire the appropriate team for the correct job to avoid a significant reduction in both safety and results. For example, there are many labourers, construction companies and other workers who would happily clean the outside of your building. However, these contractors rarely have the specific training and equipment to carry out the job correctly. This increases the danger to the workers, potentially opening you up to an insurance claim. Also, something as simple as using a high pressure washer at the wrong distance, or using the wrong cleaning product, could lead to them damaging your building and making it look worse than it did in the first place. In some cases, using high pressure cleaners in the wrong way can even affect the interior of a building.

Before entering a contract with any company, research in detail what needs to be done and the companies that are highly regarded in providing those exact services. Testimonials and reviews will also be helpful if available. If you are leaning towards a preferred company but they only offer some of the services you want, it is better to let them focus on those tasks only and find someone else to do the rest. Asking such an organisation to carry out the whole job, including tasks with which they are inexperienced, are likely to increase cost, along with the probability of something going wrong.

Why Choose phs Interclean?

phs Interclean is the UK’s favourite supplier of exterior building cleaning services. From small storefronts to large multi-storey office buildings, we are able to handle any exterior cleaning task.

Our services are fully compliant with health and safety regulations. Every phs technician is highly trained and certified. We have operations centres all across the UK, making us your local provider.

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