Floor Cleaning Service

Regular deep cleaning of the floor in your premises will enhance the look and feel of the area while extending the lifespan of your flooring.

Poorly maintained floors create a bad first impression, and for customer facing businesses they could even deter people from using your products or services. Most businesses invest in good flooring to create a safe and welcoming environment. By neglecting your floor, this investment will be lost in an instant.

Carpet cleaning

Carpet Deep Cleaning

A daily vacuum isn’t enough to maintain the lifespan and aesthetic of a carpet in an area with heavy footfall.  Premises that only vacuum daily are often prematurely disposing of their carpets when they look dirty or stained. In reality, these carpets could be given a new lease of life with regular deep cleaning.

Vinyl Floor Deep Cleaning

Vinyl Floor Deep Cleaning

Hard flooring, such as vinyl, can suffer from damage and dirt build up if they are incorrectly maintained. Our specialist techniques work to remove engrained dirt, ensuring your vinyl flooring looks fresh for longer.  As well as offering deep cleaning, we can easily replace surface seal protection on all types of linoleum and vinyl floors.

Men Stone Floor Cleaning

Stone Floor Deep Cleaning & Restoration

Our experienced technicians use the latest restoration and cleaning techniques to ensure your stone flooring is always looking as good as new.

soapy wooden floor

Wood Floor Cleaning & Restoration

Wood has always been a popular floor covering due to its hardwearing nature and attractive appearance. However, if the seal on your wooden flooring becomes worn through and bare timber is exposed, the flooring will become damaged and marked.

Close up of a Clean mat

Matwell Deep Cleaning

Matwell deep cleaning is a specialist service for the cleaning of integrated aluminium or PVC entrance matting. A regular deep clean is vital for creating a hygienic environment and will also increase the lifespan of your mats. 

Other Services

Two men in a harness cleaning the outside of a building

Exterior Cleaning

Maintaining a well-presented, clean, and hygienic environment at all times can be challenging.
Our exterior cleaning services provide a wide range of solutions that can be tailored to your premises.

Man mopping the floor

Interior Cleaning

phs offer a wide selection of specialist deep cleaning solutions for the inside of buildings. From kitchens to IT equipment, we can ensure your working environment is as clean and hygienic as possible.

Man wearing a mask and protective gear cleaning down a kitchen

Specialist Cleaning

We understand that situations can arise which require a level of hygiene cleaning that is above the requirements expected from your daily cleaning staff.

Regular Maintenance 

By implementing a regular deep cleaning programme in your premises, to compliment daily cleaning, you can easily maintain a clean and professional site while prolonging the life expectancy of your flooring.

phs Interclean offer a wide range of deep clean options for all types of floors. Our highly experienced team of technicians can accommodate one-off cleans or provide ongoing services packages.

All floor types - From carpets to vinyl, wood and stone, we have the specialist equipment and skills needed to restore any floor type to as good as brand new.

Cost-saving - Our professional floor cleaning solutions are a highly cost-effective alternative to replacing expensive flooring.

Enhanced lifespan - Our expert commercial floor cleaners will replace your floor’s protective layer.

Flexible services - We’ll clean and restore your floors at a time that suits you, limiting any disruption to your organisation.