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What Is TR19 Kitchen Duct Cleaning

30th Nov 2022
Written by: phs Interclean

Owning or managing a commercial kitchen comes with a lot of responsibility. There are strict rules and regulations to follow to ensure your kitchen is a safe environment to work in, and that the food you prepare is done safely too. 

Maintaining clean and effective ductwork and extraction/ventilation systems is vital for all commercial kitchens. Not only does this help the kitchen environment a better place to work, but it is also a legal requirement under the Building Engineering Service Association’s (BESA) TR19 standards. Meeting these standards will help your ductwork and ventilation systems work more effectively, preventing a range of hazards that could have serious consequences for your workplace.  

Learn more about TR19 kitchen duct cleaning and how you can follow the guidance in your commercial kitchen. 

TR19 kitchen standards explained 

For commercial and trade kitchens, there are guidelines put in place that help deem a kitchen safe for use. A kitchen that adheres to these standards demonstrates it’s a responsible operation, ensuring health and safety standards are met. Insurance companies require these standards to be met in order to provide insurance coverage. 

The Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) has a range of standards it sets out to maintain standards across different industries. These standards are regularly updated to help take into account the latest developments in health and safety. TR19 refers to the Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems standards, which details good practice for ensuring these systems are clean to work effectively and prevent hazards. 

TR19 kitchen duct cleaning guidance provides details on the effective ‘testing and cleaning of ventilation systems to meet required standards.’ UK and European Standards for duct system cleaning are also included, providing a detailed guide for any commercial or trade kitchen space to follow.  

The guidance refers to both the access of duct systems, ensuring that they can be reached and accessed easily to clean them safely, as well as outlining the correct cleaning process that businesses can then follow to clean their duct systems accordingly. 

Why kitchen ductwork cleaning is important 

Cleaning kitchen ductwork is important for a number of reasons, including: 

Preventing fire hazards 

A build-up of grease in a kitchen creates a serious fire hazard. Maintaining clean workspaces is important, but things like ventilation ducts can be forgotten about when they’re not used directly. 

Ensure ventilation systems work effectively 

If grease and grime are left to build up, your ventilation and extraction systems’ performance can become affected. This puts your equipment at risk of developing a fault, which can be expensive to replace. 

Maintain a hygienic environment 

A clean air duct helps improve airflow throughout your commercial or trade kitchen, helping to create a more hygienic work environment. 

Eliminate smells and odours 

Ducts and ventilation systems can be a source of lingering smells and odours. Help make your kitchen a more pleasant environment by cleaning your ductwork regularly. 

Reduce your energy costs 

A build-up of grease means your ventilation system has to work harder to manage airflow. This can increase your energy costs unnecessarily. 

The benefits of using professional TR19 kitchen duct cleaning services 

Using a professional TR19 kitchen duct cleaning service can take care of the hard work of cleaning and maintaining your ductwork and ventilation/extraction systems.  

When you use an experienced TR19 cleaner, you can feel confident knowing that the standards are being met, helping to reduce the risk of fires in your kitchen and ensuring your insurance is valid. Booking a regular service means you don’t have to think about cleaning your ductwork, it will be taken care of for you as often as needed. 

Having a professional come in to clean your ductwork and extraction systems ensures the job is done correctly, allowing you to focus on the rest of the work that takes place in your kitchen. 

How often should you clean your ductwork? 

The frequency of ductwork cleaning depends on how often the kitchen is used. Light users, where the kitchen is only used for a select number of hours a day, can maintain their ductwork with annual cleaning services. Heavily used kitchens, however, will need to book a cleaning service every 3-6 months. 

A professional TR19 standards cleaner will be able to advise you on the frequency of your duct cleaning needs. 

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