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The Back to School Clean – Why It Matters

01st Nov 2023
Written by: phs Interclean

With the school holidays drawing to a close, the ‘back to school’ preparations are in full swing. And while students and parents will be preparing for the new term, it’s also time for schools to start preparing for the year ahead.

Before the first bell rings, there's an essential task that paves the way for a successful academic year: the 'back to school' clean. Maintaining a clean school environment is essential for any school, and a deep clean following the summer holidays is a great way to start the autumn term. 

Learn more about why a deep clean is important for your school and how you can maintain a clean learning environment throughout the year. 

Say goodbye to summer 

While the majority of pupils and staff leave school in July, it doesn’t mean that schools stay empty for the entire six weeks of the summer holidays. In fact, many schools use the summer holidays to host other activities including workshops, training sessions, summer schools, kids’ clubs and more – meaning the school is far from empty! A deep clean before the start of term can help ensure things return to normal by September, ready for normal learning to resume. 

New school year, new beginnings 

A deep clean is an excellent way to provide a fresh start for pupils and staff, helping to set the tone for the year ahead. It can help create a positive mindset, helping to ensure learners and teachers are raring to go for the new term.  

For any new staff, a deep clean can also help prepare their new learning space – out with the old and in with the new – so that they are left with a clean, blank canvas to make their own. 

Create a healthier learning environment 

The health and wellbeing of students and staff is vital for creating a healthy learning environment. As many people are familiar with, the back-to-school period often leads to outbreaks of colds and viruses thanks to large numbers of people mixing after some time apart. A deep clean before the school term starts will help reduce the spread of germs and illnesses, ensuring everyone returns to a clean and healthy environment. 

September means that cold and flu season is just around the corner, and in addition to a deep clean, your school should also have a plan in place for regular cleaning that will help you maintain a healthy and hygienic school. 

Ease the back-to-school nerves 

A clean, welcoming space can make a big difference to student and teacher wellbeing, helping to ease some of the back-to-school nerves that many people experience. There is something appealing about a clean and organised classroom, helping to set the tone for the year ahead. A clean environment can help motivate your students, providing the boost they need to get back into learning. 

Preserve educational assets 

Many schools are facing tight budgets this year, making it even more important that educational assets are preserved. From furniture to technology and even learning assets, these resources are vital for enhancing the quality of learning.  

Making sure these assets are maintained will not only benefit learning but will benefit the environment too. It’s important that educational institutions play their part in helping to reduce waste, and showing responsible resource management can go a long way towards achieving this. 

Set a standard of excellence 

Maintaining a standard of excellence is an important priority for most schools in the UK. It’s why we have school uniforms and set school rules that are designed to help pupils focus on their learning. A cluttered and untidy environment can hinder productivity and focus, but a thorough deep clean to declutter classrooms, libraries, and common areas can create an environment where students can concentrate on their studies without unnecessary disturbances.  

The back-to-school clean helps schools cement their commitment to excellence, providing the best possible learning experience for their students. Schools need to make a good impression on pupils, parents, and their communities, and a clean learning environment is a good place to start. 

Educational cleaning with phs Interclean 

A deep clean is important for many reasons, but not all schools have the expertise and the supplies to carry out an effective deep clean. It can take a lot more effort and resources to carry out a deep clean, but when it is done correctly, it can make a big difference to the quality of the learning environment. 

phs Interclean provides deep cleaning for schools that is affordable and effective. We understand the importance of needing to provide a clean learning environment and needing to make a good impression on all who use the school. From the day you open through to the end of term, we’re here to help. With our deep cleaning services for schools and education sectors, we have the skills and expertise to get your year off to a great start.  

Interested in finding out more? Contact phs Interclean today to book a deep clean or use our live chat to ask us questions about our services. With our help, you can get the autumn term off to a clean and healthy start, ready to inspire your students to greatness. 

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