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3 Reasons Why Professional Cleaning in Healthcare is a Critical Investment

18th Jan 2023
Written by: phs Interclean

In any healthcare setting, cleanliness should be a priority. 

From the NHS, to private healthcare, all the way to more specialist clinics, the UK healthcare industry is tasked with protecting the health of millions of people. 

In addition to the prescribed treatments and medications, healthcare professionals must also protect patients by protecting them from bacteria, viruses, and other dangerous microbes that could be present in any hospital, clinic or doctor’s surgery. 

Working with professional healthcare cleaners like phs can help you to meet cleaning standards, improve patient and staff safety, and make patients feel safer and more protected. 

In the case of private healthcare, it can do all of the above, and generate a healthy return on investment at the same time, as a cleaner healthcare environment will be attractive and welcoming to a potential patient or customer. 

But if the above isn’t enough reason to outsource your healthcare cleaning tasks to a specialist, here are a few more: 

Meet Healthcare Cleaning Standards 

Healthcare facilities in the UK must be held to national standards of cleanliness. 

Healthcare facilities or private clinics that don’t uphold these standards can be fined or even closed. 

Failure to uphold these standards could also result in you being liable if this translates into health issues for patients or staff. 

A regular janitor or untrained cleaning time is very unlikely to be aware of these standards, which means all related training and compliance is up to you. While this can be achieved, it is often a huge, time consuming task that takes your attention away from focusing on your patients. 

On the other hand, a well regarded professional healthcare cleaning company will employ trained cleaning technicians who are already aware of and experienced in maintaining these cleaning standards. 

This means that from using the right cleaning products in the right situations, to appropriate waste disposal, every aspect of your healthcare facility cleaning will be done to the highest standard and in compliance with all relevant standards - allowing you to focus your attention where you’re needed most. 

Keep a Professional and Patient-First Appearance 

A messy or unsanitary healthcare facility will not just pose a risk of making patients sicker. 

It will also make them feel unsafe and unprioritised. Patients may leave before being treated or be unwilling to return, leading to reduced effectiveness. 

Private healthcare facilities and companies will likely lose customers and therefore income for the same reason. 

While the obvious areas such as wards and treatment rooms remain a priority, waiting rooms and non clinical areas can also contribute to patient attrition. Cushions, chairs, floors and furnishings must be spotless, and bins should be changed regularly. Anything less will give patients the idea that a safe, healthy environment is not your priority. 

Employee & Patient Happiness and Safety 

Any healthcare facility will need to rely on a large number of highly trained and skilled individuals. Nurses and doctors are unlikely to stick to a job that does not meet cleaning standards. This can of course lead to clinical negligence claims. Maintaining high standards of cleanliness won’t only reduce this risk, it will directly improve worker satisfaction and productivity. 

Healthcare workers come into contact with countless germs and contaminants daily. Professional healthcare cleaning services help protect them and patients from potentially serious or even deadly infections. 

Professional Healthcare Cleaning Services 

If you’re looking to keep your patients and staff safe by employing an external healthcare cleaning service, look no further than phs. 

As the UK’s #1 provider, we have operations centres all around the country, and our highly trained operators can enter your facility, carry out the required tasks in line with healthcare cleaning standards, and exit, all with no help from your staff and no interruption to their daily routines. 

We offer all forms of healthcare cleaning services including but not limited to: 

To learn more, take a look at our healthcare hygiene services page or contact us now! 

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