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How Important is Regular Grease Extraction Cleaning?

12th Apr 2023
Written by: phs Interclean

Kitchens tend to be one of the most important areas of every building. 

This is true of both commercial and residential properties, but the importance increases dramatically in large commercial premises such as office buildings and factories, due to the sheer quantity of people using them daily. 

Even those who don’t need kitchen facilities for their lunch are still likely to use them for tea and coffee or snacks.  

In commercial kitchens for example in restaurants, the kitchen might be a constant hive of activity, and an absolutely essential part of the business. 

Of course, all of this means kitchen deep cleaning and general maintenance become completely crucial. 

In the kitchen, regular cleaning is the priority, and everything needs to be carried out daily to ensure constantly safe and hygienic surfaces. However, some jobs are even more important than others.  

Grease extractor cleaning is one of these jobs - after all, it’s easily overlooked or forgotten entirely, but neglecting to carry it out can cause some serious problems. 

Reasons why Regular Grease Extraction Cleaning is important

Reduced Air Quality 

Extractors work by removing contaminated air from the kitchen. This helps to ensure that the working area stays clear of pollutants like smoke. 

Clean air is important in any working environment, but kitchens are arguable where it’s most important - as a worker in a kitchen without a working extractor could be breathing in smoke and oil all day, while airborne smoke and other pollutants may contaminate food. 

Smoke or other nasty smells leaking out of the kitchen could also be very harmful for customer perceptions and therefore negatively affect business. 

Increased Costs 

An unclean duct will require more effort to remove air, and therefore will increase your electricity bills. Regular cleaning reduces buildup, increases air flow, and therefore keeps your running costs down while increasing effectiveness at the same time. 

Businesses are also required to minimise health and safety risks for employees. Failing to do so can result in some hefty fines, or even being shut down in more serious circumstances. Lack of efficient pollutant removal, and lack of adequate extractor maintenance could absolutely be considered a failure in this regard - and certainly will if any health issues arise. Regular extractor cleaning helps you get ahead of this and avoid potential future fines. 

Unclean and Unwelcoming Environment 

A blocked duct can result in the smell of smoke, food or grease being stuck inside the kitchen. This can also result in employees going home smelling of grease. While this isn’t the most significant of the problems, it is certainly unwelcome and can negatively affect the perceptions of your business held by both staff and customers. 

This can also lead to issues with vermin. The grease trapped in your extractor duct becomes a potential food source for pests from rodents to cockroaches, flies and ants.  

An uncleaned extractor fan or duct can also prevent the removal of pollution or allergens, potentially irritating people’s airways and exacerbating conditions like asthma. 

Grease Extraction Deep Clean Services 

phs Interclean is the UK’s leading provider of kitchen cleaning services and extractor fan cleaning services. 

With the specialist equipment and experienced team members available to deep clean commercial kitchens of any size, with a focus on hygiene and removing all potential contaminants and bacteria, our highly trained teams are based all around the UK, making us local to you no matter where you are. 

Deep cleaning your grease extraction systems is vital to reducing the risk of health conditions, pests, fire, and more - while helping to protect business premises.  

Our grease cleaning specialists remove all grease, dust and grime from all accessible areas of ducting, filters, and housings, using appropriate degreasing chemicals. These are then washed, dried and condition checked, with any defects reported. 

Our grease extraction deep clean service will ensure your facilities meet strict food hygiene standards. 

To prove this, on completion of the deep clean we will provide you with certification to demonstrate the work that has been done. We are also happy to provide before and after photographs for insurance purposes. 

To learn more or to discuss what we can do to save you money, contact us now! 

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