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Case Study: Yarl's Wood IRC Kitchen

21st Apr 2021
Written by: phs Interclean


Yarl’s Wood IRC is a residential centre that houses adult women and adult family groups who are awaiting immigration clearance. The centre is situated in Bedfordshire and has the capacity to accommodate over 400

The centre provides a wide range of welfare services to residents, including healthcare, education, and recreational activities. Therefore, it is important that shared areas in the centre are kept clean and safe for the benefit of all service users.


A regular deep clean of any kitchen area is important for health and safety. It also helps with maintaining the lifespan of commercial equipment. However, finding time to ensure every surface and piece of equipment in your kitchen appropriately cleaned can be a difficult task when you’re also trying to run a working kitchen.

The catering team at Yarl’s Wood provide three fresh meals a day for residents. This includes a selection of both hot and cold meals, as well as an evening night café. The kitchen is in constant use throughout the day for seven days a week. Therefore, it is important that cleaning is done at times that do not disrupt resident mealtimes or the catering teams working hours.

The team at Yarl’s wood got in touch with phs Interclean after being let down by a previous cleaning provider. They required deep cleaning of the Main Kitchen, the Bottlewash zone, and the Servery Area.


From ovens and fryers, to ceilings and walls, phs Interclean provides a specialist kitchen
deep clean service that makes sure all areas
of your kitchen are sanitised to regulatory

phs Interclean worked with Yarl’s Wood IRC to understand their specific needs. A bespoke kitchen deep clean service is now carried out every 6 months at the site. This includes a full internal and external clean of all equipment, deep scrub floor, ceiling, and light fixture cleaning, full hygiene clean of drainage area, cleaning of all work surfaces and tables.

The phs Interclean team are also available to book 24/7. This means that the kitchen deep clean service can be provided at times that ensure there is no disruption to catering staff or mealtimes.


Regularly specialist kitchen deep clean services from phs Interclean ensures that staff and residents at Yarl’s Wood are provided with a clean, safe, and hygienic kitchen environment.

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