Interior Cleaning Services

phs offer a wide selection of specialist deep cleaning solutions for the inside of buildings. From kitchens to IT equipment, we can ensure your working environment is as clean and hygienic as possible.

Our team of expert technicians use the latest hygiene technology to guarantee work is completed to the highest standard and is compliant with all health and safety legislation.

Clean kitchen

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Due to heavy usage, commercial kitchens can become coated in dirt and grease.  Cleaning and removing this build up can be time consuming and hard work and is a job best suited to specialist cleaners.

Clean grease filters

Grease Extraction deep cleans

Commercial kitchens with grease extraction systems are at a substantially higher risk of fire than the average building.

Clean washroom

Washroom deep Cleaning

Despite daily cleans, mould and grime can easily build up on tiles and in hard to reach areas of our washrooms.  To keep your washroom hygienic and looking fresh, it’s recommended that they are regularly deep cleaned.

Communal showers

Shower Room Deep Cleaning

You have a duty to protect people’s health and safety throughout your building. In some areas, you may need to take more care than in others.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery deep Cleaning

Upholstered seating is part of the everyday working environment. Unfortunately, if your seating is dirty or stained, it will send a bad message to existing and potential customers, employees, and visitors.

Person brushing keyboard

IT Deep Cleaning

IT equipment has become an integral part of our working lives, from handheld devices to desktop computers. However, most people would be appalled to learn how dirty their IT equipment is.

Other Services

Person cleaning floor

Floor Cleaning

Regular deep cleaning of the floor in your premises will enhance the look and feel of the area while extending the lifespan of your flooring.

Man wearing a mask and protective gear cleaning down a kitchen

Specialist Cleaning

We understand that situations can arise which require a level of hygiene cleaning that is above the requirements expected from your daily cleaning staff.

Two men in a harness cleaning the outside of a building

Exterior Cleaning

Maintaining a well-presented, clean, and hygienic environment at all times can be challenging.
Our exterior cleaning services provide a wide range of solutions that can be tailored to your premises.

Expert Service

Our team of professionally trained and experienced technicians always work to the highest standards.

Our specialist cleaning processes have been designed to tackle even the toughest jobs.

Ensuring a thorough clean and sparkling finish that will reduce the spread of germs and improve the appearance of your premises.

Cost-saving - All of our commercial cleaning services include the specialist equipment needed. There are no extra costs for separate rental.

Compliance - Our services are fully compliant with health and safety regulations. Every phs technician is highly trained and certified.

Flexible services - To limit any disruption to your organisation, we will undertake cleaning at time that best suit you, to